Mission & vision


To genuinely meet our customers’ satisfaction with the tenacity of purpose and to remain a prime provider of quality products, utilities, and services in our bid to ensure goodwill that will guarantee continuous patronage from all clients.


To set new standards in customer satisfaction by offering clients’ choice of systems that are of the highest quality and prompt service delivery that remains unsurpassed throughout the whole industry. Maintaining our foothold in the Nigeria market through competitive pricing and development of personal contact with customers, thereby ensuring they have value for their money.

Efficiency is doing things right. Likewise, effectiveness is doing the right thing. We are confident to inform you that at Wilms Imaging Network Limited, we combine these virtues together to enhance customer satisfaction.

Even in a highly competitive market as the Nigerian computer industry and in an uncertain economy, we still manage to control the variables that enable us to achieve customer satisfaction and improve annually on our bottom-line.

There is more to a company’s success than earning ratio. The numbers are simply a by-product of the time and effort expended, taking a pro-active stance in this dynamic marketing environment. The Outmost invaluable asset is not inscribed on our balance sheet but in the teamwork of knowledgeable and talented people dedicated to excellence and bringing smiles to your faces.

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